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About Me

I started sewing at the age of seven. I was taught by my Aunt who was a professional seamstress who sewed everything from regular apparel to wedding gowns. I made most of my children’s clothes growing up. My daughter had coats to match her “dressy dresses". 

I got burned out and stopped sewing. The only thing I would sew were the alterations on my husbands suits because every time he would send them to be altered they were never done right.


After 32 yrs of marriage to the most wonderful husband in the world I lost him to cancer, my father passed, and my daughter was diagnosed with reoccurring breast cancer which now presented itself as metastatic breast cancer stage 4 so I had to find something to keep my sanity. A dear friend of mine named Sheila incited me to sewing by all the beautiful quilts she was making. I always wanted to make quilts so I started quilting.


Not too long after I discovered bag making and fell in love. My happy place is my sewing room where my mind is constantly thinking about which bag I want to do next. 

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Half down and half when completed. Shipping Available

100 percent quilting cotton, cork, vinyl, denim, and faux letter.

One of a kind bags. Materials are of excellent quality.

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